Saturday, March 11, 2006

Programme of Events

Sample: Interface at PS2 paragon studios project space
Dates: 15-31 March
Opening 16 March 2006
Launch Event 5-8pm

Interface researchers and invited contributors will present a series of installations, exhibition of works in progress, samples, interactions and discussions. The programme of events invites visitors to participate, to interrogate, to test and to contribute to a diverse programme of research into the role of creative practices.

Wednesday 15 – Thursday 16 March
Interface Archive 11-5pm
In the public imagination archives are dusty, secretive places. The window on to the street at PS2 will open this living archive to the public. This archive will contain a series of artifacts representing research interests from the Interface collective. Archivist Gráinne will inhabit the project space and invites visitors to enter and explore the archive.

Radio Broadcast/Public Address from 5pm
Experimenting with web radio, Saoirse will install an audio piece relayed onto the street, attracting attention away from Belfast consumer culture to the project space.

Thursday 16 March 11-5pm
An opportunity for Northern Ireland artist groups to submit artifacts to the Interface archive.

Launch Event 5-8pm
Evening reception with DJ and refreshments

Friday 17 March
St. Patrick’s Day - Closed

Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 March

Monday 20 March 11-5pm
Interface Archive continues

Tuesday 21 March
Working Lunch # 1 with Invited Guests: 12.30 – 2.30pm
This event will bring together participants from NGOs, the public sector, artists and social activists to discuss the question: can creativity contribute to (re)negotiation and (re)building of civil society in contested spaces?

Wednesday 22 -Thursday 23 March 11-5pm
Peace Line
Aoife, Doris, Emma, Ruth and Saoirse have formed an inter-strand textile and fine art research group, investigating the phenomenon of peace walls testing diverse media. This will involve an installation of works in progress.

Wednesday 22 March 11-5pm
One-day workshop for the research group to test and develop new ideas. Public interaction welcome!
Thursday 23 March 12.30-2.30pm
Working Lunch # 2 with Invited Guests: 12.30–2.30pm
This event will bring together participants from NGOs, the public sector, artists and social activists to discuss the question: can creativity contribute to (re)negotiation and rebuilding of civil society in contested spaces?

Friday 24 March 11-4pm
Val will facilitate a one-day workshop: A short-term forecast, this collective endeavour searches out the oddities and idioms to be found in the photographic content of regional, local, and county newspapers from the Republic and North of Ireland.

Saturday 25 March 11-4pm
Sound installation
Anthony will present a bi-lingual sound piece exploring the aftermath of conflict in Kosovo.
A split-second decision can mean the difference between life and death.

Monday 27 – Tuesday 28 March 11-5pm
Textile installations
Works by Donna and Elizabeth. The artists will be available for public interaction.

Wednesday 29 – Friday 31 March 11-5pm
Art Meets Science
Aoife & Emma will present an installation of current research, Art Meets Science, introducing new materials paradigms through high fashion. Public interaction welcome!


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